Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby A, Baby B and announcing Baby C

Our confirmation ultrasound was on January 18 and we were still pretty much in shock about our twin babies and I was feeling pretty horrible. Morning sickness will eventually need its own post! But again, another long ultrasound. The tech was super nice and she confirmed Baby A & Baby B. She went on and on about how doctors really like to see the 2 sacs and how its less risky.

We saw the 2 hearts beating. It was amazing! We went to lunch and were feeling pretty positive. There is 2 of us, 2 of them, plus big sister. We can totally do this!

Maybe we can all fit them into our Honda CRV if we get big sis a booster car seat. A double stroller, less risk, we can so do this!

My husband went to work, and I went home to take a nap before attending a kindergarten tour. Then my phone rings and I get woken up from my nap. The doctor asks me, "Are you over the shock yet?" And I said, "Yeah, I think we are doing pretty good!"

Then she went on about how the pregnancy will be very high risk and the chances of complications has increased because they are sharing a sac.

I had no idea what she was talking about and I reminded her that the two babies were in their own sac.


"They didn't tell you?....Tell me what? I'm so sorry they didn't tell you, but there is a 3rd baby. There are 3 babies, 3 different heartbeats, and 2 babies are sharing a sac, and one is by itself. That's why I asked if you were over the shock. I'm sure she (the tech) was in shock herself and wanted the radiologist to take a look first, I'm sure that's why she didn't say anything."

I was speechless and how could she not tell me!!! I kind of thought she was super duper almost too nice and she had this nervous laugh....how can she not tell me!!!!

The doctor continued about the risks of the babies sharing a sac and possibly a placenta and how I will be meeting with the specialist who will discuss everything with us and our options.

I was still speechless. I was not laughing anymore, I was crying. And not so much because I was pregnant with 3 babies but the thought of losing one, or all three of them was too much. If doctors are supposed to prepare you for the worse, this one did a pretty good job.

Then I had to call my husband and tell him over the phone! He didn't believe me at first. He thought I was playing a joke, but when the tears started, he knew I was serious.

I couldn't forget about the kinder tour for big sis. I don't know how I managed to get there but I did. I don't think I have been the same since that phone call.


  1. If there's one thing I wish I could undo, it would be all my reading while I was pregnant with my twins about the risks and other women's horror stories regarding twin pregnancies, losses, and births. Everything ended up being fine, but boy, what an emotional rollercoaster I put myself through. I was convinced there was no way I could carry healthy twins to full term. Hang in there. You can do this!

  2. Wow!!!! I do believe I'd be in some serious shock too!!! :)

  3. Great story! Thanks for dropping by my place. It's lovely to meet you! I was so encouraged to hear that you rely on others to help out also. I think it really makes all the difference and is totally a sanity saver. It's pretty cool we both have id.bbg, love finding stuff I have in common with people! Hope to keep conversing...