Sunday, January 30, 2011

First there were two...

My first appointment was on January 11, 2011.

I was so nervous, part of me still could not believe it and I was afraid that they would say, "Sorry, not pregnant." I can't believe I still had those thoughts considering I was experiencing morning sickness like never before.

I also remembered my not so fun first appointment/ultrasound with my daughter. The doctor told me it looked like a blighted ovum. I was sent for more testing and then had to wait a couple days. Horrible and traumatizing, but luckily doctors were wrong again.

This time....

I felt so sick and tired during that first ultrasound that my eyes were closed for most of it. I prayed a lot. Finally, the doctor pointed the baby out. Complete happiness.

Thank you God.

Then the Dr. had this look that I cannot describe, she did a lot of squinting....followed by, "Ummmm wait..."

I closed my eyes and prayed, "God please let me accept whatever she says."

And she said, "Looks like there's 2."

My response: "Nooo! You are lying!"

Dad's response: "Two what??"

"Two babies", she said. She kept on squinting, and looking at the screen, and taking pictures. This was the longest ultrasound ever. She told us there were 2 different sacs, 2 heartbeats, and yes 2 babies. She went on about how 2 sacs were better than one, and how it is less risky. She was pretty sure but needed to send me for another ultrasound, one with a fancier better machine, just to confirm the two babies.

Complete shock... We did a lot of laughing, the nervous type.

My husband had to go to work and I had to go pick up my girl at preschool and go on with our day. I think it was a good thing that there was no time to talk. We didn't know what to say to each other.

Like I said, lots of laughing.

We had decided to only tell family about the pregnancy. But with these news, how could we not?! After the family knew, we started telling a few close friends. My husband was a little bit against this, he wanted to be cautious, but realistically, if something did happen to the babies, I realized that I would need my friends and a lot of support to get through it.

It was fun to share with friends. They shared our shock, excitement and disbelief. And yes, we had to answer many, many times whether we were on any type of fertility treatment. The answer is NO! There are twins on his side of the family and every one's prayers were finally answered. We wanted a baby so much that God is blessing us with two. Maybe my daughter prayed for two. She so desperately wants to be a big sister!

We had to wait an entire week before the confirmation ultrasound. We did some talking about the future but not as much as I would have imagined. I think the shock of two babies lasted the entire week.

And there was that small chance that the doctor did not know what she was talking about, right??

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  1. Wow! So funny that you thought you were having twins!