Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We are pregnant!

Three babies!!! And to answer the first fertility drugs!
So far, very overwhelming and barely 8 weeks!

Let me back up to when this roller coaster ride began.
It took almost a year to conceive my daughter in 2006. Back then, we had already started to see a fertility specialist who at one point crushed my world. You never seem to forget the stats. Over the telephone, I heard, "You have a 4% chance of conceiving on your own."
A few weeks later, we beat the odds. And now it has happened again, but times 3!

It's been over 2 years of praying, wishing, hoping and waiting. I had begun to accept that perhaps this is how our life was meant to be. An only child, and finally, I was okay with it.

We also moved to a new state away from all our family and friends. And the move finally pushed me to get rid of a lot of baby stuff. In the back of my mind, I had a strong suspicion that this is when it would happen. The hope was always there. After a few months, I stopped obsessing about it.

And then on December 16. I took a pregnancy test. I had no reason to take the test, no late period. I just had this feeling. The same feeling I had with my daughter. And once again, I was wrong and disappointed. I let my sadness consume me for a couple of hours and then managed to pull myself together to pick up my daughter at preschool. I knew deep down I wanted another child.

Days went by, Christmas came and went, but my feeling did not go away, and neither did the tenderness in my chest. I sent my hubby to buy another test, and I took it so quickly that no thought went into it. I was an expert at peeing on the stick.

This time, there was absolutely no waiting, those 2 pink lines showed up right away! I could not believe it! I thanked God right away, and ran off to share my news. I couldn't find him! I think he had forgotten what he bought or what I was doing because it took him way too long to figure out what I was talking about. All I could say was, "Yes, the test, it's positive!"

I took 3, maybe 4 more pregnancy tests....stopped some meds, caffeine and scheduled my first appointment! And that first appointment was when the real ride began!

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